91% ECLIPSE 31. MAI 2003, 05.40 AM OSLO, NORWAY

ECLIPSE I, 31.05.03, 05.20AM

ECLIPSE II, 25.05.03, 05.35 AM

91% ECLIPSE 31.05.03, 05.40 AM I was there when Oslo had a total eclipse on the 30. June 1954

There are people who make art and others that comment on their work. The commentator has other interests and different ways of expressing them than the artist. The artist expresses through the visible and tangible work, the commenter through abstract play of words with their subjective understanding of the art work. Analysing a work of art with words and academic logic may start series of literature engaging whole societies of scholars who enjoy each other’s capacity for examining and describing the implications of the work of art in the absence of the work itself and its creator. There rises a whole industry of words and their interpretation, and finally the work of art belongs to them in the sense that they have produced the base and the environment from where the work of art has to be understood. Without this setting of convincing words and explaining logic the work of art itself is nothing. In modern language a comment on a work of art is in itself a product of art.